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Time for another commentary episode! We talk about the changing roles within the group, how characters are growing and changing. Also, we give a shoutout to Heath, who’s been really awesome with his comments and support of the show. We also talk about why the different characters




In this penultimate episode of the GAD-Con specials, Michael finds out the truth behind his relationship with LeRoy and Joy, Thor continues to have job troubles, and Harold and Joy are Vegas bound, baby!

Our second session focuses on discussing the rules system. We discuss the group’s familiarity to West End Game’s D6 Star Wars RPG, and how they released the core system as the OpenD6 System under an OGL. We’re using Antipaladin Games’ variant, known as Mini Six.




The cast members introduce themselves and discuss their gaming history. We talk about the world created, read through the outline of our world creation sessions, and vote on which era of the world we want to play in.

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I thought I would share this little nugget. As we get ready to release the podcast, we’ve been working on putting together our homebrew world for the game, and it’s lead to a lot of fun. One of the things we wanted to have in the game was a world where space age technology could exist alongside stone-age technology. We hit upon an idea where a post-apocalyptic virus sweeps the earth. The wealthy escape to space stations in orbit, but the rest of society basically are stuck fending for themselves. They devolve, over time, into the desired stone-age groups.  Genetic mutation brought about dinosaurs, as well.

We were talking about what it would be like if explorers from the space stations came back to earth to be attacked by stone age warriors riding dinosaurs. As a result, a catch-phrase was developed: “Spear, Spear, Spear, Dinosaur!” We all thought it was ridiculously funny. Two of the group members worked together to create this little gem of art. Enjoy!