RPG Systems

  • Mini Six — The open source, free gaming system we’re using. It is very streamlined, but provides an excellent starting point for new GMs or for those looking to try out the essence of the system.
  • Open D6 — Does Mini Six seem a bit too light-weight for your tastes? Before West End Games closed shop, they released their D6 system into the wild as Open D6. There are more parts to this, making it easy to customize to fit whatever genre game you’re looking to play.
  • What is D6 Gaming? — Wicked North Games has put together a clear little run-down to explain how the essential D6 system works.
  • Microscope — A gaming system that is intended to build history. It’s an excellent tool to use when building your world.

RPG Forums

  • D6Online — An online community devoted to the use of Open D6 and its various spin-off products.
  • The Rancor Pit — This forum focuses particularly on the venerable Star Wars RPG from West End’s heyday.

Blogs & Podcasts

  • D6 Magazine — A free fan magazine focusing on Open D6.
  • Mini Six Fanatic — This site doesn’t update much, but their horror setting, “For We Are Legion,” looks like a lot of fun.
  • RoleplayDNA — An excellent podcast and blog that looks at all the facets of RPGs. Their tagline is “Mapping the Genome of Gaming,” and they’re off to an excellent start.
  • Flagons and Dragons — A (now ended) podcast dedicated to gaming and beer! Of particular note, check out the interview with Brett Pisinski for some discussion of Wicked North Games’ Cinema 6 products.
  • Critical Hit: A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast — In a lot of ways, this podcast is the inspiration for Bone Throwers Theater.  There are hundreds of hours of entertainment here.
  • Penny Arcade/PVP D&D Podcasts — Gabe, Tycho, Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, and Wil Wheaton playing D&D together. Magical, magical stuff!
  • Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff — Game designers and writers Ken Hite and Robin Laws talk about a wide variety of topics including game design, secret history, cinema, and politics.


  • The Official Series Bible — This template provides a nice organizational tool for formatting any system agnostic settings one may devise.

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