BTT EoW 1.19: Commentary 4

EOWHere is the commentary episode on our recent “side-shot” sessions. We rehash our favorite moments, and highlight the key parts that will most-likely have an impact on the main story moving forward. The players applaud each other for their interesting roleplaying choices, and Jordan talks about how this method of fleshing out the world and the story was an ambitious endeavor. Overall, we had a blast doing this and really think this added so much to our story. But you be the judge and let us know as the story continues to unfold.

System: OpenD6 Adventure, from West End Games

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Talin, Liam Nelson, Jolin Jenley,  and Dolph
Jeff — Mark, James Cazievel,  Prin Nock, and Kick
Jeremy — Jasif, Tom Ruise,  Connor Flynn, and Bear
Johnny — Phillipi, Christopher Roves, Jones Jackson, and Trace

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