BTT Throwback: Eldritch High 4


All our characters spring into action to bring an end to the battle, and along with it, the end of the school day, and our play session. Jordan explains the after-game adjustments that can be made to our characters to become better at their specific areas of study. We then slip into some commentary on the game play and how  the mechanics are a interesting departure from the dice systems that we are used to. We also share some of the things that make role playing games fulfilling for us a s a group, concluding that this is a system we would love to come back and play again.

System: Eldritch High by John Wick

Carlin – Jorn Gunnerson
Jackie – Aiyana “Juicy” Straughn
Jeff – Ando Gonshu
Jeremy – Romero Alverez
Jordan – The Headmaster

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