BTT AG 1.9 “The Night is Nigh”


Previously, the party went to the theater, and learned that Dyncham is planning to sacrifice one that is “pure in heart.”

After sharing information, the party gets ready to infiltrate the Dyncham estate. As they prepare to do so, they are ambushed. Unfortunately, there will be a terrible consequence…

SYSTEM: Mini Six, from AntiPaladin Games

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron – Brother Benedict
Jeff — Demetrius Norden
Jeremy — Grayson Digby
Johnny — Byrom Michael
Mike — Valentine Montecute

BTT AG 1.8 “For a Silver Penny”


Previously, the party began probing the affairs of a member of the court. Lord Elias Dyncham is somehow involved in the theft of the magical gears, and may be involved in a Rheeman plot against the Queen.

They follow Dyncham’s carriage to the theater district, where they witness a disturbing encounter… Continue reading “BTT AG 1.8 “For a Silver Penny””