BTT EoW 3.81: Commentary 19

In this commentary episode we debrief on all of the secrets and other story elements used in  Season 3. We speculate on what we can expect in Season 4 of Elements of War, and how we anticipate a fractured ending to the story. We also get a glimpse of what is to come for Bone Throwers Theater’s next campaign.

System: OpenD6 Adventure, from West End Games

Character Advancement: Jeff (Jerr)
Best Roleplay: Aaron (Sam)
Who Brought the best Snack: Jeremy (BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Dip)

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Sam Feluge
Ellie — Archi
Jeff — Jerr Lan
Jeremy — Julian Illix
Johnny — Chime North

Music in the background from Fesliyan Studios


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