BTT EoW 2.53: Commentary 13


In this commentary episode, we put a bow on this enjoyable second season of the campaign. The characters head into uncharted territory, and so does the podcast; as we talk about planning for a 3rd season in this story. The setting will be quite different, and it sounds like the mode of story telling might take a new form or two as well. We are excited about where season 2 left off, and for what season 3 will bring.

System: OpenD6 Adventure, from West End Games

Character Advancement: Ellie (Archi)
Best Roleplay: Jeremy (Julian)
Who Brought the best Snack: Johnny (Chicken Sauté w/ a Peanut Dipping Sauce)

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Sam Feluge
Ellie — Archi
Jeff — Jerr Lan
Jeremy — Julian Illix
Johnny — Chime North

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