BTT EoW 2.48: Commentary 12

In this commentary episode, we discuss some of the looming implications of the on the spot roleplaying choices we have made. Not only do those decisions affect the story, but also how we play the game. We also spend some time describing how our style of play may differ from most roleplaying encounters. It’s “collaborative storytelling” where everyone is in the driver’s seat and the GM is just “the director in this sham play”… and we love it.

System: OpenD6 Adventure, from West End Games

Character Advancement: Aaron (Sam)
Best Roleplay: Aaron (Sam/Shade)
Who Brought the best Snack: Ellie (Shrimp Mac & Cheese)

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Sam Feluge
Ellie — Archi
Jeff — Jerr Lan
Jeremy — Julian Illix
Johnny — Chime North

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