BTT EoW 2.37: Commentary 9


Although the last few episodes have answered a lot of questions, Jordan has stayed true to form and has still left a lot of mystery in the air. We seem to be asking more questions than we started out with, including how long is this Bear character actually going to stick around. Jordan reveals how he makes some of his plot choices, and gives some insight on the makeup of The Council. He actually was quite forthcoming with this info. This could only mean there’s another big twist right around the corner. Stay tuned!

System: OpenD6 Adventure, from West End Games

Character Advancement: Ellie (Archi)
Best Roleplay: Ellie (Archi)
Who Brought the best Snack: Johnny (Buffalo Chicken Meatballs)

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Sam Feluge
Ellie — Archi
Jeff — Jerr Lan
Jeremy — Julian Illix and Bear
Johnny — Chime North

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