BTT EoW 1.9: Commentary 2


In this commentary session, we talk about how the dark literature inspirations we used to create this world continues to drive the campaign in dark directions. We also note the connections with some well known tropes and some real world inspirations. Corrupt governments bent on controlling it’s citizens, clandestine groups plotting to replace the status quo with something “better” at any cost, and Jordan sums up what these inspirations have created… “An exploration of the worst side of humanity.”

System: OpenD6 Adventure, from West End Games

Character Advancement: Jeremy (Julian)
Best Roleplay: Jeff (Jerr)
Who Brought the best Snack: Jeremy (Homemade Salsa)

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Sam Feluge
Jeff — Jerr Lan
Jeremy — Julian Illix
Johnny — Chime North

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