BTT Cosmic Patrol Ep. 2

Cosmip Patrol

Here’s the latest episode of our Cosmic Patrol one-shot session! Hope you all enjoy!

As the Crew of the U.S.S. Roddenberry go to investigate the mysterious signal, they encounter… DANGER!! When an atmosphere leak occurs, Thogar has to choose: does he save himself by putting on his space suit, or will he close the air lock and save the crew?

Meanwhile, Ken Costigan and Keel have to evade strange projectiles coming off of the meteor. Isaac and Delta Zed work to repair the ship despite the shaking and jostling that is occurring.

WARNING: No real science was harmed in the creation of this podcast episode.

System: Cosmic Patrol

Jordan — The Lead Narrator
Jeff — Isaac and Delta Zed, Wonder Kid and Robot
Jeremy — Ken Costigan, Heavy Marine
Johnny — Keel, a Moon Man
Mike C. — Thogar, a Red Amazon

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