BTT Cosmic Patrol Ep. 1

Cosmip PatrolIt’s time for a new Thursday one-shot! For the next four weeks, we’ll be zooming around the solar system in a cigar-shaped rocket, protecting the inner planets from all sorts of danger! The system is Cosmic Patrol from Catalyst games. It means to capture the golden era of science fiction, drawing inspiration from Buck Rogers, The Lensman, John Carter, “X Minus One”, and more. This episode, we meet the characters, and begin the mission. The crew members of the U.S.S. Roddenberry have to stop a comet that is careening towards Sol while emitting signals of odd origins! Will they be able to determine the source of this erratically behaving phenomenon???

System: Cosmic Patrol

Jordan — The Lead Narrator
Jeff — Isaac and Delta Zed, Wonder Kid and Robot
Jeremy — Ken Costigan, Heavy Marine
Johnny — Keel, a Moon Man
Mike C. — Thogar, a Red Amazon

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