BTT EoW 1.17: Thought Crime


In our next “side-shot” episode, we get a glimpse of what North Bellasaira hopes to be the bright future of Consiglio. Our character and their classmates have been chosen to receive the best education at the country’s top prep school, from which the next generation of leaders will be trained. Even though it’s not all work and no play, there are still rules to follow, and the students all know that justice is dealt swiftly for those that make the slightest mis-step. But how will these prodigies handle the current crisis? Will they give all “for the council” and fall in line? Or will they crack under the pressure? …or both?

System: OpenD6 Adventure, from West End Games

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Jolin Jenley
Jeff — Prin Nock
Jeremy — Connor Flynn
Johnny — Jones Jackson

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