BTT AG 2.54 Commentary Session 12

AG logo S2

We put a bow on this awesome adventure as we add our final commentary on the Angel’s Guard campaign. What a ride it has been! We discuss how much the characters have changed, some timeline theories, and even some possible “alternate endings”. It is sad but fitting that this episode is released today, as Jordan credits his inspiration for the final scenes of this story, Author and Grand Master Gene Wolfe, who’s recent passing will definitely be felt in the science fiction and fantasy community. We will keep on rolling and begin a band new adventure next time on Bone Throwers Theater.

Who has the best Roleplaying: In spectacular fashion, Jordan, the GM

System: Mini Six, from AntiPaladin Games

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Brother Benedict
Jeff — Demetrius Norden
Jeremy — Grayson Digby
Johnny — Jorus Glave

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