BTT AG 2.34: The Miraculous Hand of God


AG logo S2

Demetrius and Aderyn decide to go to the Undermarket, in search of weaponry made of cold iron. Demetrius sees a mural that has some historical significance. They’re able to strike a deal.

Jorus has become suspicious of Greyson’s abilities. He tries a little mind-reading. They go to visit Lord Cheddar, now the big cheese of the privy council. Benedict pronounces that the hand of God has whisked away Lord Liverich. The party proposes war against the Bae Van Shee.

System: Mini Six, from AntiPaladin Games

Jordan — The Game Master
Aaron — Brother Benedict
Jeff — Demetrius Norden
Jeremy — Grayson Digby
Johnny — Jorus Glave

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