Throwback Thursday: Fiasco, “Home Invasion” Ep. 8

bonethrowerstheater_600x600On this episode of Throwback Thursday One-shots, the Fiasco play through continues! This was originally recorded back in 2013, at the GAD-Con Convention. This is the penultimate episode of our Home Invasion Fiasco sessions, the black dice keep stacking up! Jordan takes a black die for his final scene. Things will end badly for poor Thor at his new job selling cars… Michael Warner has a conversation with his buddy, Tate. Joy’s mom, Liz, stops by, and there’s some awkward revelations… Leroy is done playing games with Michael. Time to break out the heavy artillery… When Harold’s car breaks down, Joy decides to thumb a ride. Unfortunately, she attracts the attention of the local fuzz…

Game System: Fiasco

Carlin as Harold Dinkins
Jeff as Dan Macchio
Jeremy as Leroy Jenkins
Johnny as Michael Warner
Jordan as Thor Grumbacher
Stephanie as Joy Campbell

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