Throwback Thursday: Fiasco, Home Invasion Ep. 5 [AUDIO] May 31


The Fiasco play through continues! This was originally recorded back in 2013, at the GAD-Con Convention.

After Thor’s unfortunate law enforcement encounter last episode, Michael Warner and Joy Campbell enjoy some weed together. Harold, her dealer, comes over with more weed.  Harold tells Michael that he can provide him with both weed and weed killer.

Leroy has a flashback scene to the night when he broke his back. He finds a connection between Michael and Joy’s mother.

Joy negotiates a raise with her Chicken Hut manager, Harold, so she can buy a car. Shamus, the new employee, doesn’t make it past the training process.

Next episode: The Tilt!

Game System: Fiasco


Carlin as Harold Dinkins
Jeff as Dan Macchio
Jeremy as Leroy Jenkins
Johnny as Michael Warner
Jordan as Thor Grumbacher
Stephanie as Joy Campbell


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