Throwback Thursday: Fiasco, Home Invasion Ep. 1 [VIDEO]

It’s crazy to think how long ago 2013 was. But, no matter when it’s recorded, an actual play episode!

In this episode, we introduce GAD-Con: the convention where we recorded. We also discuss the basics of Bully Pulpit’s Fiasco, and choose which playset we’re going to play. We settle on Home Invasion. We begin the process of creating characters, and just enjoy shenanigans in general.

Some references you hear include Misfits and the Flight of the Conchords song, “Business Time.” There’s also some references to the ongoing campaign we were playing at the time, Terra Proximus.

  • System: Fiasco
  • Cast:
    • Carlin
    • Jeff
    • Jeremy
    • Johnny
    • Jordan
    • Stephanie

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