BTT AG 1.3: “He Talks Just the Right Amount”


Previously, A shipment bound for the Horologist Guild’s house was stolen. It contained gears for a specific mechanical experiment commissioned by Queen Beth’s government.

The Queen, head of the new Angellan Church founded by her father, is afraid that some of her subjects may be loyal to the Rheeman Church. She is afraid they may go to any extreme to bring the ancient faith back to the Realm of Angels.

The party has been tasked by the Queen’s spymaster, Lord Walsham, with finding who would steal from the Crown. As they investigated, they were attacked. As we join them, they are just hanging by a thread…

System: Mini Six, from AntiPaladin Games

Jordan — The Game Master
Jeff — Demetrius Norden
Jeremy — Grayson Digby
Johnny — Byrom Michael
Mike — Valentine Montecute

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