Announcing our New Campaign

Hey, folks! As I previously posted, Bone Throwers Theater is starting a new campaign. We’re really excited to bring a new world to you. This campaign is called Angel’s Guard — and we’re really proud of how it’s coming together. Our resident graphic artist, Jeremy, has devised some really cool art to go with the story. Here’s a taste of that.


You’ll see more on the Facebook page once the show launches.

In addition to the new campaign, the podcast will be dropping on a new day of the week day. Starting on March 5, new episodes will drop on Mondays. That’s right, next week! We hope this change helps make your workweek a little bit brighter.

While we fully intend to maintain the traditional podcast RSS, we’re also going to start uploading the episodes to youtube. This should make it a bit easier to share on different websites. And it will increase streaming flexibility.

Finally, here’s a new promo! Hope you enjoy.


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