From the Desk of Orion James

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Today we’ve got a treat. Here’s a letter that Orion has been writing to his younger sister, Andi. It gives a lot of great insight into his character and his family. Hope you enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »


BTT 42: Orion James, this was your life!

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How did Orion and Aurora James meet? How did they get engage? And, more importantly… what drove them apart? All of these questions are answered today on a very special flashback episode of Bone Throwers Theater!


Time for another commentary episode! We talk about the changing roles within the group, how characters are growing and changing. Also, we give a shoutout to Heath, who’s been really awesome with his comments and support of the show. We also talk about why the different characters

BTT 40: Leadership!

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The battle of Xibalba continues. Dran distinguishes himself in battle. Bees die, and Edrick finds himself hanging out with the jaguars. Meanwhile, Jordan’s bee jokes fall short. Despite that, this episode features a lot of levity. Hope you enjoy this!


In this week’s episode, Dran is freed and the battle for Miranda against the bees begins.


BTT 38: I am Now… Treeish…

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Well, folks, it’s time to find out what’s been happening since Dran’s been confined to quarters. There are weapons being upgraded… by science. There are missing grenades. And how will Willis handle his new authority? Find out this week!

BTT Inspectres: The Complete Game

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Well, that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed all eight episodes of our Inspectres game. It was a lot of fun to record, and a lot of fun to listen to. As a group, we want to thank Mike Carkhuff for pulling a chair up to the table and delivering such a fun character in “Gramps.” He’s a great guy, and we’re looking forward to try out GrimWorld once he lets us get our grubby hands on it. Read the rest of this entry »

BTT One-Shot: Inspectres Episode 08

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And here it is! The finale of the Inspectres game is now here. We hope you enjoyed this oneshot, and enjoy  this episode where things continue to… unravel.



The penultimate episode of the Inspectres mini-series is here. We’ve got a ton of cool stuff this episode. Villains monologuing, body-switch hijinks, knock-offs of J-horror, past-life regressions…. See? Something for everyone! But to hear it all in just 25 minutes, you’ll need to tune in to episode 7!


Well, this went well.

Remember the comic book that set fire to the SEATAC airport? Remember where that came from? Well, find out what happens when the group only has one vehicle to flee in… the Canterbury Airport Van. And guess where it takes them? You got it in one guess! Find out what happens when they get a room and the proverbial fan meets the proverbial manure…



Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Things are getting downright unsettled as the Seattle Spirits crew tries to put together what’s happening with the person calling himself Jason Troy, the symbol-covered comic books, and the SEATAC fire suppression system.  A couple of confessionals and lots of stress rolls make this game really interesting. Things are starting to heat up!

BTT One-Shot: Inspectres Episode 04

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The Inspectres investigation continues with some disturbing discoveries, both at the Canterbury and the secret SEATAC base. Why did Jason Troy call them to the scene? Who put the pentagram in the basement? Does the mirror hold the secret to something far more disturbing? Find out on this episode.



Thanks for listening to this episode of Bone Throwers Theater Theater! In this episode, the characters begin working a case for The Canterbury, which has been having a decades long haunting problem compounded by a pentagram appearing in the basement. In our improvised version of “Seattle,” the Canterbury is a hotel. In the real world,  The Canterbury is a bar. This is mostly because Jordan was reading information off of a vague website on the fly and missed this particular detail. To find out more about the true haunting of The Canterbury, which truly does include a ghost in a mirror, and had a pentagram in it’s basement, check out this website.

What will happen as Seattle Spirits investigates the death of Ricky Navarro? What will they find in the basement while investigating? Tune in to find out!



In this episode of the one-shot, the gang goes through and puts together the finishing touches on their Inspectres world. We set up our franchise, figure what town we live and work in, and choose the technology available to us. Lots of fun and laughs were had by all, and we hope you enjoy it.



Hey folks, didn’t expect an episode today, did you? Well, you’re in luck! Read the rest of this entry »


In this director’s episode, we discuss the new development to Dran’s character? How crazy is crazy? We also talk about trust, and who different party members give their trust to. and why. We also discuss how the group is, for the most part, driven by a need for respect. We discuss several of the other characters. Stephanie mentions that she wanted to play a more pissy, less shocked version of Miranda this time. Jeff really likes the post-tree chrysalis Willis quite a bit.

As far as experience awarded, Jordan gives out his standard four Character Points. There’s much discussion about who had the best role-playing this session. Much tree and foliage puns were had at this point, but Carlin gets the extra point in the end. For character advancement, it came down between Jeff and Jeremy. After some debate, the point goes to Jeff. For best NPC, the group chose to award Jordan that character point. He gave it to Jeremy. For snacks, Stephanie won with rotisserie chicken.

Jordan asked for feedback on the GMing for this session. Carlin mentioned how he likes how Jordan can sneak in his own secret agenda from time to time. He described it as keeping the story fresh. Stephanie mentioned that initiative should have been called for when the scuffle between Dran and Burned Tail started. They discussed the call for a wit check against command checks.

Jordan asks what the players want in the next few sessions. Stephanie really wants Miranda to become Kerrigan, Queen of Blades of StarCraft fame. Jeremy and Jeff both want a throw-down in the cave. Carlin was interested in how everything would play out for Dran. He’s not sure if that means Dran knows he’s losing his grip on reality.

BTT 36: “I have to roll to resist hug?”

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Things get tumultuous as Dran and Burned Tail continue their “cultural exchange.” Meanwhile, A.J. McKinley tells Miranda that she doesn’t have long to wait before the rest of the team comes to save her.

BTT 35: The Captains James

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The political maneuvering continues as Landing Team Beta sorts out having new allies.


Well, much of the gangs back together at the landing site! Listen to Orion and Dran’s reunion… right here!

BTT 33: Cast Commentary Session 7

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In this commentary episode, we discuss the horror, the conflict, and the budding of the past few episodes. Enjoy!



Drann gets ready to move Landing Team Beta’s camp and butts heads with Edrick Farthing. Willis emerges from his chrysalis. Orion gets to ride on a pterodactyl. And Miranda is confronted with a horrific choice.


Things are continuing poorly for Landing Team Beta. Miranda has to make sure Wendy doesn’t panic, which could potentially kill them both. Dran wants the camp to be moved, while Edrick is working as fast as he can to find a solution to fight against the True Hive. Orion is making some headway getting back to his friends, but Aurora and her constant needling isn’t making it easy. And Willis? Yup. You guessed it. Tree.

A new podcast has joined the Nerd Circle Podcast Productions banner! We thought we’d let you know.

Episode 01: Antiviral.

via Episode 01: Antiviral.

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BTT 30: There Ain’t No Party Like a True Hive Party

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Thanks very much for listening to our thirtieth episode! This episode, Miranda chases Wendy into the forest, to disastrous results. Dran follows and tries to save both of them. Edrick Farthings works on developing a weapon that can be used effectively against the True Hive. Willis is learning the secrets of the canopy. Orion James has an enlightening conversation with Burned Tail about the protocols of the Sky people.

BTT 29: Cast Commentary Session 6

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Thanks for listening to this very raucous commentary episode, Jeff laments that his assimilation into the the tree. The group discusses the most recent developments. They remember the passing of our favorite NPC, Michael Orbital.

Jordan discusses how he developed the Canopy and the Clan of the Nine Claws. Jeremy mentions how he likes how Jeff’s character had been assimilated. They discuss Burned Tail as a character. Stephanie mentions she likes that character a lot. Jeremy discusses how much he enjoyed sharing jabs back and forth with Aurora. Jordan discusses how he felt like a spectator for the game until he took up playing some specific NPCs.

Jeff shares what he thought about Wendy’s suicide attempt. Stephanie talks about how she wouldn’t let Miranda allow Wendy to kill herself. There was confusion about the size of the oxygen tanks Wendy had been using. Johnny brings up the idea that Wendy and Miranda could be mutated.

Jeremy states that he’s amazed about how awesome the game is going in different ways. Carlin replies that he believes that the gaming group is very collaborative, and that’s one of its greatest strengths. Stephanie says we have a great advantage in that the characters are really well-designed. Carlin was amazed how fluidly we jump from playing the main characters to the NPCs.

Jeremy liked the jaguar people being victims willing to form an alliance with the members of landing team beta. Jordan talks about how a binary “us versus them” paradigm doesn’t interest him from a story perspective. Stephanie liked that the Clan of the Nine Claws are scared of Ah-Muzen-Cab and the rest of the True Hive.

Jeremy wants Orion James to ride up to landing team beta on a pterodactyl with a Nine Claws posse. Hey, it could happen.

Stephanie presents an alternative plan for the lunar alliance’s desire for the specimen. Jeff was glad his character finally found out that he had the French Flu. Jordan was excited that he got people to blow all their hero points.

We discussed character point distribution. Jeremy wins best food with an excellent crescent roll cheesecake. Carlin wins (after much debate) for most character advancement. Jeff wins for best role-play, and Jeremy wins for best NPC role-play. He awards that point to Stephanie.



We return to CPT Orion James and SGT Willis Masters. They manage to free each other from their bonds, and Orion tells Willis about his French Flu. Aurora reveals Landing Team Alpha’s secret mission. The Clan of the Nine Claws asks for Landing Team Beta’s assistance. A new faction reveals itself.

Meanwhile, back in the camp of Landing Team Beta, Wendy tries to stop the spread of the French Flu. She tries to convince Miranda that it’s the only way.


The science team’s weaponry training is interrupted when a beloved NPC is attacked.

Also, Jordan made a “meme photo” from the image that helped inspire some of the most recent villains on the show. Enjoy!

Horror Game


Now that the French flu is common knowledge, Miranda does another round of testing to put minds at ease. Edrick helps double check. Read the rest of this entry »



As morning dawns on Landing Team Beta, Orion James is being carried away by a pterodactyl, and Willis masters is being dragged through the forest by a group of natives. Meanwhile, Drann Renner has called a meeting to reveal to the party that members had been infected with the French Flu. He also asks that everyone be tested for the French Flu. Edrick Farthing requests firearms training for himself and his staff. Miranda reveals to Robinson that Drann wanted to have McKinley killed.

We also discuss the amazing cheesecake Jeremy made, swap some Bill Cosby jokes, and come up with the magical phrase tractordactyl.


Well, it’s been a while since we did one of these, but here’s the cast commentary episode for the last three episodes. Hope you enjoy!


BTT 23: “Horror Story Aspect Initiated!”

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…So that happened.

As the combat comes to a close, a new enemy invades the camp. Both Orion James and Willis Masters fall victim to a coordinated attack the party refers to as “The Jungle Memo.” They do manage to kill some of the jaguars, though, so it’s not all bad, right? Stay tuned to the dramatic conclusion of this epic nighttime fight. Read the rest of this entry »

BTT 22: Attack of the Jaguars

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The fight heats up as the jaguars begin a two-pronged attack!

BTT 21: A Rude Awakening

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And here is the return of our standard adventure. When we last left off, Dran had hung up a conference call on the admiral after proposing more… permanent solution to the French Flu Problem. Miranda has finally ended her epic, 30+ hours of non-stop work. Edrick is slaving over a hot bunsen burner, looking for answers. Orion has seen that things are not going according to plan. And Willis has been confined to quarters. Needless to say, it’s been frustrating. But work still needs to be done, plans need to be made, conspirators must be found, and attackers need to be thwarted. Never a dull moment.

As an aside, we were all excited to see each other at the last recording session, particularly because we had several birthdays to celebrate. So, of course, ice cream cake was in order! What’s surprising is how much of the PCs came out in their respective players’ reaction. Uncanny, isn’t it??

Birthday cake!

Happy birthday, guys!


Well, we wanted to say thanks for tuning into the GAD-Con specials. We had a lot of fun at the con, and we thought this Fiasco game was a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to doing more special edition sessions in the future, so definitely keep an eye out for those. Stay tuned as we return to the exploits of Landing Team Beta this Friday!

As kind of an archive, here are all nine of the GAD-Con episodes, one more time. Read the rest of this entry »


And this is the last episode of our GAD-Con Fiasco series. Thanks very much for listening to this. New episodes will resume next Friday, August 23rd.

In this episode, we go through the end-of-game montage, showing what happens to the characters. Once that’s completed, we spend a few minutes talking about the game, what we enjoyed, and what we thought about Fiasco overall.



In this penultimate episode of the GAD-Con specials, Michael finds out the truth behind his relationship with LeRoy and Joy, Thor continues to have job troubles, and Harold and Joy are Vegas bound, baby!



It’s really hard to write a description for this episode. There’s a water main break, a make-out session, a fight, a lawsuit, and a marriage proposal. All in under half an hour. You’ll just have to listen to hear the rest.


The Tilt is here, as chosen by Jeff and Jeremy!

  • 3: Innocence
    • 2: A neighbor wanders into the situation
  • 1: Mayhem
    • 6: Misdirected Passion

After the Tilt was chosen, Harold takes the weedkiller to Michael, where LeRoy springs some unexpected mayhem. Dan goes to the Home Owners Association to resign from the Neighborhood Watch. Thor manages to get out jail, after only having to spend a little extra time with Tiny.


On this episode of our special GAD-Con episode of Bone Throwers Theater, Michael and Joy share some weed, theres a flashback showing just how LeRoy wound up in a wheelchair (with an extra revelation), and Joy and Harold share a special moment in the Chicken Hut’s walk-in cooler.

We’re joined again this episode by Michael Dunnick, this time guest starring as Shamus the fry cook. We also had John from Predatory Games as an observer during the game. Predatory games is getting ready to kickstart an awesome game called Cannibals (Jordan had a chance to playtest it at the con), and we’ll definitely let you know when that begins!



This midweek edition of our GAD-Con episode features  Harold Dinkins (Carlin) receiving an unwanted reward.  Thor Grumbacher (Jordan) faces a boatload of trouble when Dan Macchio (Jeff) catches him stealing money from the Home Owner’s Association. Also, meet friend-of-the-podcast Mike Dunnick laying down the law as a very tough police officer!

We want to thank all of you for tuning into these special convention issues of the show. We had a blast recording these (if the laughter wasn’t enough of a giveaway), and we’re looking forward to being a part of GAD-Con in the future. There were a lot of great people there last year, and we’d love to see you there as well.  If you’re in the Maryland area, or if you’re willing to drive a bit to get here, check out GAD-Con’s website for details about dates, costs, and location.


And here is the third episode of our Gad-Con special series.  In part three of this Fiasco session, Poppleton Terrace gets hairy when  LeRoy Jenkins and Michael Warner continue their escalating personal feud.

BTT Special: Gad-Con Episode 02

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Surprise, surprise! Here is the second episode of the GAD-Con edition of Bone Throwers Theater. While this special mini-series is ongoing, we thought we’d treat you with episodes both on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, you’ll get roughly an hour’s worth of actual play every week, but split up. We hope you enjoy.

Just to share about Fiasco, it is a GM-less story game RPG published by Bully Pulpit Games. The home_invasionplay set we decided on, “Home Invasion,” is available for free download here. Bully Pulpit is doing some really neat stuff now, including a science fiction game called Durance, so we highly recommend you check out their website.

In this episode, we go around the table, and introduce our characters.

  • Carlin: Harold Dinkins, the manager of the Chicken Hut #6310 and member of the neighborhood watch. He’s having a romantic affair with Stephanie’s character.
  • Jeff: Dan Macchio, wants to get out of the neighborhood watch. Currently is the Home Owner’s Association treasurer. By nature, Dan is a highly suspicious man who also has very bad luck.
  • Jordan: Thor Grumbacher. Unemployed trash man. Stealing from the HoA to cover his home mortgage. Before losing his job, Thor went on a credit tear and is now facing home foreclosure.
  • Johnny: Michael Warner. Thor’s former manager, but is now also unemployed. He’s in the middle of a two-man war with Jeremy’s character.
  • Jeremy: LeRoy Jenkins. Confined to a wheelchair after an unfortunate accident with Michael Warner’s garage door. He is a former aerospace engineer forced into early medical retirement.
  • Stephanie: Joy Campbell. Angry goth sixteen year old who lives with her mother and uncle. Joy works at the Chicken Hut. She is the Lolita to Harold Dinkins’ Humbert Humbert.

And thus begins Act One of this Fiasco.


Hey everyone, Jordan here. If you look at the run time for this episode, you’ll see that it’s a little short. Before the show begins, I wanted to share with you why.

When we started talking about Bone Throwers Theater, we intended it to be structured like a television show. Every so often, a show takes a break for a few weeks. Sometimes it’s for sweeps. The holidays can cause programmers headaches, too. Or even big sports events, like the Olympics. So much good programming, so little time.

So, just like the tentpole TV show of your favorite network, sometimes the main story of Bone Throwers Theater is going to take a bit of a step back. We hope to schedule this in regular intervals. I’d personally like to do it about every twenty episodes or so.

As a programming note, we had intended to present these episodes as a single week’s worth of episodes. Some very serious real-life things got in the way of that, though. So we’re spreading out the special editions more than I originally intended. You’ll hear me mention the original idea we had, but of course, that’s a day late and a dollar short. Sorry about the inconsistency there.

Back in May, the group was very excited to be a part of the maiden run of Maryland’s newest gaming convention… GAD-Con. We had a blast playing as a podcast group, running games for our other friends, and taking part in other fun RPGs, like Shadowrun and Pathfinder. The Fiasco game you’re about to listen to took place on the first night. I think we may have the distinction of being the first official game of the con! Greg can e-mail me and let me know if I’m wrong, though.

We’re excited that GAD-Con is returning again in 2014, and I’m already thinking about what games I want to be a part of. If you’d like to learn more about GAD-Con, purchase memberships, or just keep in touch with their awesomeness, go ahead and check out this episode’s show notes for a direct link to their website.

OK, folks, that’s enough from me. Enjoy this week’s episode of Bone Thrower’s Theater!

BTT 20: Cast Commentary Session 4

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Time to discuss the craziness of the last few episodes and award points!

BTT Episode 19: The Not-Kill-Somebody Option

Posted: July 6, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast


Tensions are high as the crew tries to figure out what to do in light of the discovery of the virus.


Laughter breaks out around the table as none of the players can say Edrick Farthings. Even Johnny.

BTT Episode 17: Space Hillbillies

Posted: June 22, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast


Miranda performs medical checks on the returning party. Dran and Orion plan to move toward their intended landing site. And Dran does some extracurricular searching.

BTT 16: Cast Commentary Session 03

Posted: June 15, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast


Time for the third commentary episode. We discuss campaign pacing and give out character points.

BTT 15: Attack of the Ya-te-veo

Posted: June 8, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast


In this episode, SGT Willis Masters nearly becomes living plant food. Also, the communications system is powered up.

To learn more about the “real-world” Ya-te-veo, check out the wikipedia entry!

BTT 14: Potable Drinking Water

Posted: May 31, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast



Landing Team Beta begins prioritizing what’s needed for the mission’s success. First on the list: A regular supply of clean drinking water.