Dragonslayers Ep. 6

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Dragonslayers Ep. 4

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Dragonslayers Episode 3

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Dragon Slayers Ep. 2

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Dragon Slayers Ep. 1

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Hey listeners,

Jordan here. So, the last episode of the main campaign was a bit of a cliffhanger. So, it’s awkward switching gears and doing something different. But it’s something we have to do for the time being. 

The big reason is that there’s been a lot of timing issues that has made it tough for us to record all together in a group. For example, I recently started going to school again in the hopes of transitioning into a full-time ministry career.  Other members of the group have been attending classes as well, and one is dealing with unemployment. So, all in all, we’re finding it hard to meet together.

To make scheduling a bit more flexible, I’ve decided to table the main campaign for a while. We all want to see it finish out. But to be honest, this is our hobby; real life has to take precedent. 

Instead, we’re going to run a series of one-shots for a while. This will allow us to have special guests and try new systems, which should be fun. I’ve talked with a few people, and it looks like we’re going to have some guest GMs to show us some different things. Also, we might be able to beta test a new game a local designer has been working on. 

Thanks so much for your patience. We love sharing our adventures with you, and it’s always great to see when positive feedback comes through. If you have a system you’d like to see us try, please let us know! We’d be glad to take a look.

Without further ado, here’s our first episode of our new one-shot miniseries! We decided to go with something familiar, Fiasco. This time, we’re playing the Dragon Slayers playset, with the Living Dead addon.  Hope you enjoy it.

BTT Episode 60: Cast Commentary

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Time for some commentary!

BTT Episode 59: Living Biological Warfare

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BTT Episode 58: Nanite Kill-Shocker 3000

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Now that Dran has a diagnosis, he’s on a mission to find a cure!

BTT Episode 57: Pain, Anguish, and Honor

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Orion James, Willis Masters, and the remaining members Clan of the Nine Claws take the rest of the party back to the encampment. They’re not prepared for what they find…

Episode 56: Cast Commentary

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Time to share some laughs and some thoughts on this commentary episode! Lots of cool insights this time around.

Episode 55: Masters Is Doing His Thing Again

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Happy fourth!

BTT Episode 54: A Bee-Dazzled Pterodactyl

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Is it possible for landing team beta to catch a break? Not likely.

BTT Episode 53: That’s Like Pulling Teeth

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Time for this week’s episode of Bone Throwers Theater! We hope you’ve been enjoying the new format. Jeremy’s been doing a bang-up job editing these episodes. That means that they’re a bit shorter than they were in Season One, but we hope you like the sound effects. If so, or if you find them distasteful, let us know. We’d love to hear your feedback.

BTT Episode 52: Cast Commentary

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It’s been a harrowing set of episodes, so we’ve got a lot to talk about.  Thanks for listening to this commentary episode.


On this episode, Miranda sneaks out of the med tent to find Orion James.  Orion and Burned Tail have a conversation about Heaven. Dran continues working on learning who has the French Flu.


The battle concludes, with nearly disastrous results. Edrick tests samples, and they find that the French Flu is spreading. Willis has a conversation with several of his fellow soldiers. Dran wants the list of the infected.

The Complete GADCon 2014 Sessions

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Well, that’s a wrap. Thanks again for the interest you all have shown in these episodes! Here they are, all in one place.

Episode 01:


Episode 02:


Episode 03:


Episode 04:


Episode 05:


Episode 06:


Episode 07:


Episode 08:


Episode 09:


Episode 10:


Episode 11:


Episode 12:




What? It’s a legitimate question! Enjoy this week’s episode.

BTT Episode 48: Season Two, Initiate!

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Welcome to the official kick-off to season two of the Terra Proximus campaign!

As soon as you hit play you’ll be able to tell, there’s been some changes in the sonic approach. Jeremy has graciously volunteered to help out with editing duties. If I may say so, he’s doing an awesome job. Be sure to give him all the well-deserved kudos.

A second announcement: We are now being syndicated! Bone Throwers Theater, along with the other offerings from Nerd Circle Podcast Productions, have been picked for syndication by Renagade Radio. We’re really excited to be joining their line-up, and honored that they’ve asked us to be a part of what they do.

On this episode, Dran calls a meeting with Edrick, Orion, and Dan Jindall, suggesting everyone gets re-tested.  Aurora and Burned Tail share some knowledge about the True Hive and a new foe.  Miranda responds poorly to her first sight of Willis. Dran makes a reconciliation.



In this final episode of the GADCon merriment, Blue Scorpion infiltrates Dock-tor Eeevil’s lair, Blayne finds his frat dissolved, and Bryce works to bring a team together to stop Dock-tor Eeevil’s mayoral run. We wrap up the game with the final montage.

Thanks to everyone for listening!



Bryce gets kicked out from a “resort.” It’s been found out that Bryce has auto-brewery syndrome. Dr. Reece gets re-instated after the college realizes he had been framed. Stephanie nearly wakes up with a marker mustache. And we meet… Dock-tor Eeevil!! Dark Star attempts to assemble a team to take on Doctor Evil, but his appeals fall on black dice…



After the misadventure in the Hell Dimension, Blue Scorpion goes to Bryce for help, who contacts Phase. She learns how to control her powers. Blayne and Bryce stage a break-in to Dr. Reece’s basement, where they try to make more clones. The results, dictated by a black die, are not exactly what they intend.



GADCon 2014 IX: Bros in Spaaace!

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Phase has decided to rescue Blayne from the asteroid the “physicist” has banished him to. He shifts the  Little does he know that Dark Star is trying to push the asteroid out of the path of the world. As they discuss Jeremy’s next scene, the group gets an epic case of the giggles. The Blue Scorpion beats up a houseful of frat boys. While rescuing Dark Star from the hell dimension, Blue Scorpion’s identity is revealed to her boss.



On this episode, Bryce decides it’s time to be a superhero. So, he’s tracking down a bank robbery as a buffalo. And then the tilt! The professor teleports Blayne to an asteroid, and Johnny has the gang plot his first post-tilt scene.

Link mentioned:

Police band tied with music: http://youarelistening.to/


GADCon 2014 VII: Is Somebody Monologuing?

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In this episode of BTT, Dark Star and the Blue Scorpion meet for the very first time. Mike Dunnich, AKA Officer Beverage of the First GADCon Fiasco, stops by to get beat up. Blue Scorpion and Blayne meet in the graveyard to remember lost love… with disastrous results. Blayne begins making money by using his powers and throws a fantastic frat party.




The high-power hijinks continue as the professor goes to the Double-D’s used cars to find the Blue Scorpion. Cars randomly explode in the parking lot, there are attestations that ladies will not be touched, and hilarity ensues. Also, Phase’s secret identity is discovered!


GADCon 2014 V: The Genesis of Blayne

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Today, we see the Blue Scorpion develop skeletons in her closet. A frat prank gone well results in the birth of Bryce’s clone doppelganger, Blayne. And Bryce gets a babysitter.


GADCon 2014 IV: Act 1 Commences

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The playset is chosen, the characters have been set… now it’s time to let the black and the white shape Pinnacle City on Friday’s GAD-Con Episode.



GADCon 2014 III: Polishing the Prep

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On this episode, we suss out who has what power and which secret identity. Lots of fun, lots of laughs!


Johnny Brainstorming.



On this, the second episode of the second annual GAD-Con Fiasco special, the gang continues selecting the needs, objects, and locations. They also discuss what their relationships are. While people are pondering the prospects, the rest of the crew jokes and pontificates on a wide variety of topics. These include, but are not limited to:

  • white chocolate and sour patch kids
  • which of Jewel Staite’s roles where better
  • Jordan’s love life
  • the prospects of a superhero Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Several “Arrested Development” references
  • Random burbling
  • The tastiness of mead
  • Stephanie’s forgotten cinnamon buns

Needless to say, fun was had by all!


Stephanie and Jeremy get excited by the play set.


Episode 21: The Avengers

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As promised, here is Carlin and Jordan’s take on The Avengers! Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted on Carlin and Jordan's Most Excellent Movie Night:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 3.16.34 AM

In this episode, Carlin updates bear-bating to the 21st century standard: nerd baiting. That’s right, he’s asked Jordan to talk about comic book movies. Specifically, the Avengers. The guys cover the ins-and-outs of this epitome of the modern marvelous summer blockbuster, from acting strengths and cool special effects to plot holes and pacing problems. And the ratings may skew differently than you expected.

Carlin’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Jordan’s Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating: 3.0 out of 5 Stars

View original

GADCon Two, Electric Boogaloo! Begin!

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Earlier this month, the Bone Throwers Theater crew made their yearly migration to White Marsh Maryland to take part in the second Annual GADCon. We had an awesome time this time around, continuing out tradition of playing Fiasco. This time around, we chose Heroes of Pinnacle City. In this episode, we discuss everything from superhero movies (specifically, The Avengers), to Jordan and Carlin’s shared obsession for the anime series Space Dandy, and gorilla-elephant-centaurs. Enjoy!


Jeff and Johnny, Kickin’ it GADCon Style.

BTT 47: Cast Commentary

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We discuss the events of the past few sessions and how that’s going to affect the next arc of the campaign.

BTT 46: Willis Masters — My life is a joke!

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After all those dark episodes, it’s fun to listen to an episode a bit more light-hearted.  Well, fortunately, Willis Masters’ life has been that entertaining. Enjoy!

BTT 45: The Previous Deeds of Dran Renner

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Dran is a straightforward character in that he needs control. But what drives this need?  Today we look into Dran’s history.

Episode 44: Back to the Pineapple

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We all know and love Prof. Edrick Farthings for his absent-mindedness. But did he choose to join Landing Team Beta willingly? Check out this episode to learn more of his backstory.


So, have you guys listened to last week’s episode yet? If so, you’ll totally get what Jeremy’s wife did to surprise him on Valentine’s Day!




Mmmm! Eat up!

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BTT 43: Miranda Cristoff, what makes you tick?

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Our special flashback series continues. Today, we look at the major events of Miranda’s life pre-mission and find out just what happened that sent her plummeting to earth on a suicide mission. Hope you enjoy!

From the Desk of Orion James

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Today we’ve got a treat. Here’s a letter that Orion has been writing to his younger sister, Andi. It gives a lot of great insight into his character and his family. Hope you enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

BTT 42: Orion James, this was your life!

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How did Orion and Aurora James meet? How did they get engage? And, more importantly… what drove them apart? All of these questions are answered today on a very special flashback episode of Bone Throwers Theater!


Time for another commentary episode! We talk about the changing roles within the group, how characters are growing and changing. Also, we give a shoutout to Heath, who’s been really awesome with his comments and support of the show. We also talk about why the different characters

BTT 40: Leadership!

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The battle of Xibalba continues. Dran distinguishes himself in battle. Bees die, and Edrick finds himself hanging out with the jaguars. Meanwhile, Jordan’s bee jokes fall short. Despite that, this episode features a lot of levity. Hope you enjoy this!


In this week’s episode, Dran is freed and the battle for Miranda against the bees begins.


BTT 38: I am Now… Treeish…

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Well, folks, it’s time to find out what’s been happening since Dran’s been confined to quarters. There are weapons being upgraded… by science. There are missing grenades. And how will Willis handle his new authority? Find out this week!

BTT Inspectres: The Complete Game

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Well, that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed all eight episodes of our Inspectres game. It was a lot of fun to record, and a lot of fun to listen to. As a group, we want to thank Mike Carkhuff for pulling a chair up to the table and delivering such a fun character in “Gramps.” He’s a great guy, and we’re looking forward to try out GrimWorld once he lets us get our grubby hands on it. Read the rest of this entry »

BTT One-Shot: Inspectres Episode 08

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And here it is! The finale of the Inspectres game is now here. We hope you enjoyed this oneshot, and enjoy  this episode where things continue to… unravel.


The penultimate episode of the Inspectres mini-series is here. We’ve got a ton of cool stuff this episode. Villains monologuing, body-switch hijinks, knock-offs of J-horror, past-life regressions…. See? Something for everyone! But to hear it all in just 25 minutes, you’ll need to tune in to episode 7!


Well, this went well.

Remember the comic book that set fire to the SEATAC airport? Remember where that came from? Well, find out what happens when the group only has one vehicle to flee in… the Canterbury Airport Van. And guess where it takes them? You got it in one guess! Find out what happens when they get a room and the proverbial fan meets the proverbial manure…


Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Things are getting downright unsettled as the Seattle Spirits crew tries to put together what’s happening with the person calling himself Jason Troy, the symbol-covered comic books, and the SEATAC fire suppression system.  A couple of confessionals and lots of stress rolls make this game really interesting. Things are starting to heat up!

BTT One-Shot: Inspectres Episode 04

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The Inspectres investigation continues with some disturbing discoveries, both at the Canterbury and the secret SEATAC base. Why did Jason Troy call them to the scene? Who put the pentagram in the basement? Does the mirror hold the secret to something far more disturbing? Find out on this episode.