Professor Edrick Farthings

14570375-heavy-set-middle-aged-man-with-glasses-cap-and-tweed-jacket-strokes-beard-and-smiles-vertical-isolatPlayed by Johnny

Age: 37
Sex: Male
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 192 lbs


“There is a solution to every problem.”


Slightly overweight.


Optimistic yet cowardly.


After having his findings outright rejected, Prof. Farthings’ confidence fails. He fails to apply for the head of the science division. Farthings volunteered for the expedition out of curiosity about what has happened to the Earth after all these years. He’s afraid that he may become craven again.


  1. I can prove that I am worthy of peer respect.
  2. There is no end to scientific inquiry.
  3. There’s a solution to every problem — you just have to think of it.


  1. Advance to be one of the most famous scientific leaders.
  2. Regain self respect.
  3. Discover something never seen before.


  • Destiny: Characters with Destiny feel they are fated to some grand purpose. Once per game session a character may declare a failed roll is not part of their Destiny and immediately reroll to get a different result.
  • Recall:  Any time the character chooses to recall anything he has experienced, the GM must tell him the truth in as much detail as the character would have been aware.


  • Absent Minded: You know you had that report just a minute ago. And that name? It was just on the tip of your tongue. Whenever you are distracted when looking for something specific or trying to remember an important tidbit of information, gain 1 CP when your inability to completely remember complicates your situation.
  • Cowardice: Maybe your blood runs cold at the thought of a fight. Or perhaps you faint at the thought of speaking to a crowd of people. It doesn’t matter what triggers your flight or fight system, but you’ve got a yellow streak a mile wide running through your core. Earn 1 CP when your cowardice complicates your situation.

Attributes and Skills:

  • Might: 2D+2
  • Agility: 3D
  • Wit: 4D
    • Science: 5D+2
    • Chemistry: 7D
    • Computers: 4D+1
  • Charm: 2D+1

Static Defenses:

  • DODGE: 9
  • BLOCK: 8
  • PARRY: 8
  • SOAK: 14




  • Chemistry Kit
  • Rock Hammer
  • Comm
  • Flack Jacket (+6)

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