Miranda Cristoff


Played by Stephanie.

Age: 33
Sex: Female
Height: 5’0″
Weight: 120 lbs


“That hurts, huh? Then don’t do it!”


Short, slightly on the husky side, & described as “cute.” She’s got blue eyes & bright red, curly hair cut short. She dresses professionally casual.


Workaholic, businesslike, short-tempered, encouraging tom-boyish, athletic, protective, stubborn, full of bravado.


Miranda Cristoff is a well-respected medic in her field who’s hard work & dedication has payed off in a cushy job with stellar pay, benefits, and coworkers who both respect  and fear her. But Miranda’s personal life is a mess, having recently been through a messy divorce with her ex-husband, Michael Hainesworth, who is now engaged to his pregnant fiancé, Cassiopeia Winters.


  1. There is an order to everything.
  2. You can’t have it all, but you sure as hell can try.
  3. A job well done is its own reward.


  1. To get away from Michael, Cassiopeia, and other people’s pity.
  2. Gain some perspective and reevaluate her priorities (especially work).
  3. Reaffirm her value (personally & professionally) to herself & others.


  • Perceptive: The GM may reveal small clues to you that others would miss. Once per session a character may announce they are studying an object or situation and the GM may reveal something that would be impossible for a normal character to determine. If nothing is revealed this perk may be used again.


  • Unlucky in Love: Things just don’t work out for some gals. Your love interest is always dying, being kidnapped, betraying you, or even worse dumping you. You earn bonus CP when your love life falls apart in a meaningful way.
  • Personal Code: You live by a creed and you will not cross that line. Maybe you won’t fight an unarmed opponent and always make sure they know its coming or maybe you never tell a lie. No matter how you define it, your code has to mean something. Some caped crusaders won’t kill, paladins won’t resort to deception, and sometimes there is even honor among thieves. Earn one CP whenever your code complicates you or friends’ success.

Attributes and Skills:

  • Might: 2D
    • Kickboxing: 3D
  • Agility: 3D
    • Pistol: 4D
  • Wit: 4D
    • Medicine: 5D
    • Triage: 7D
  • Charm: 3D
    • Persuasion: 3D+2
    • Command: 3D+1


  • Heavy Pistol
    • Damage: 4D
    • Range: 30/100/350

Static Defenses: 

  • Dodge: 9
  • Block: 9
  • Parry: 9
  • Soak: 12


  • Heavy Pistol
  • Medic bag
  • Computer
  • Comm
  • Flack Jacket (+6 armor)

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