Dran Renner

Dran RennerPlayed by Carlin

Age: 38
Sex: Male
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 180 lbs


“Just shut up for a minute and listen to me.”


In great shape, sporting facial stubble. Blue eyes with orange ring. Jaw length blonde hair.


In control and always demanding respect.


Dran Renner is a survivalist trained on the Orbital Commune. After trusting his closest protégé, Blease Euros, Dran was burned. His transcripts for a survivalist guide he was working were stolen and published under Euros’s name.


  1. Everyone on the expedition is screwed if they don’t have Dran’s leadership.
  2. Admitting to being wrong is a sign of weakness.
  3. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


  1. To lead this expedition with limited casualties.
  2. To gain the respect of everyone by demonstrating survivalist knowledge and keeping those that get mouthy in line
  3. To obtain the upper hand on everyone by uncovering as much dirt on them as possible and revealing it when necessary.


  • Perceptive: The GM may reveal small clues to you that others would miss. Once per session a character may announce they are studying an object or situation and the GM may reveal something that would be impossible for a normal character to determine. If nothing is revealed this perk may be used again.


  • Crazy:  You have issues that are guaranteed to put the therapists’ kids through college. Could be you’re just really paranoid, or maybe just a touch too OCD. That fear of most everything could also be a problem. Then again maybe you really are Napoleon and everyone else is wrong, good luck convincing anyone else since you’re a lunatic. Hastur, Hastur, Hastur! Take your pills and earn one CP any time your psychosis really gets in the way.
  • Skeletons in the Closet:  You’ve been a naughty boy. Maybe you’re a closet smoker. Maybe those hookers buried themselves. Maybe that enemy uniform in the closet really isn’t yours. Maybe the bank really meant to let you take all that money out that day. Whatever, the universe doesn’t judge. You earn the bonus CP whenever your past comes back to haunt you.

Attributes and Skills:

  • Might: 2D
    • Knife: 3D+1
    • Stamina: 3D
  • Agility: 3D
    • Athletics: 3D+1
  • Wit: 4D
    • Nature: 4D+2
    • Tracking: 4D+2
  • Charm: 2D
    • Courage: 3D
    • Command: 3D


  • Plasma Rifle
    • Damage: 6D
    • Range: 100/350/500
  • Knife
    • MIGHT+1D

Static Defenses: 

  • Dodge: 9
  • Block: 9
  • Parry: 10
  • Soak: 16


  • Trail Rations
  • Backpack
  • GPS
  • Comm Unit
  • Flint & Tinder
  • Flack Jacket (+6)

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