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In this director’s episode, we discuss the new development to Dran’s character? How crazy is crazy? We also talk about trust, and who different party members give their trust to. and why. We also discuss how the group is, for the most part, driven by a need for respect. We discuss several of the other characters. Stephanie mentions that she wanted to play a more pissy, less shocked version of Miranda this time. Jeff really likes the post-tree chrysalis Willis quite a bit.

As far as experience awarded, Jordan gives out his standard four Character Points. There’s much discussion about who had the best role-playing this session. Much tree and foliage puns were had at this point, but Carlin gets the extra point in the end. For character advancement, it came down between Jeff and Jeremy. After some debate, the point goes to Jeff. For best NPC, the group chose to award Jordan that character point. He gave it to Jeremy. For snacks, Stephanie won with rotisserie chicken.

Jordan asked for feedback on the GMing for this session. Carlin mentioned how he likes how Jordan can sneak in his own secret agenda from time to time. He described it as keeping the story fresh. Stephanie mentioned that initiative should have been called for when the scuffle between Dran and Burned Tail started. They discussed the call for a wit check against command checks.

Jordan asks what the players want in the next few sessions. Stephanie really wants Miranda to become Kerrigan, Queen of Blades of StarCraft fame. Jeremy and Jeff both want a throw-down in the cave. Carlin was interested in how everything would play out for Dran. He’s not sure if that means Dran knows he’s losing his grip on reality.