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As morning dawns on Landing Team Beta, Orion James is being carried away by a pterodactyl, and Willis masters is being dragged through the forest by a group of natives. Meanwhile, Drann Renner has called a meeting to reveal to the party that members had been infected with the French Flu. He also asks that everyone be tested for the French Flu. Edrick Farthing requests firearms training for himself and his staff. Miranda reveals to Robinson that Drann wanted to have McKinley killed.

We also discuss the amazing cheesecake Jeremy made, swap some Bill Cosby jokes, and come up with the magical phrase tractordactyl.



Well, it’s been a while since we did one of these, but here’s the cast commentary episode for the last three episodes. Hope you enjoy!


Our second session focuses on discussing the rules system. We discuss the group’s familiarity to West End Game’s D6 Star Wars RPG, and how they released the core system as the OpenD6 System under an OGL. We’re using Antipaladin Games’ variant, known as Mini Six.