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“Do You Trust Me?”

Posted: March 5, 2013 by jddennis in GM's Corner
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There’s a really neat set of scenes in the movie Aladdin that I’ve been thinking about in terms of gaming. It’s those moments where Aladdin asks Jasmine “Do you trust me?” The first time, they’re in Aladdin’s den and the royal guards are chasing them. In this instance, Aladdin wants Jasmine to trust that he get them out of a hairy situation. The second instance is on the balcony. Aladdin is asking her to trust that Prince Ali Ababwa’s magic carpet ride will be safe. But I see it as more than that. He’s asking her to look past the obvious turn-offs that she sees, the stuffed-shirt, swaggering peacock routine that offends her so much. He’s asking that she takes a chance. (more…)