Player Name: Carlin
Class and Level: Sorcerer, 31
Race/Template: Sorta human/Socially Savvy Nerd
 Alignment: Neutral (so I can do what I want, when I want)
Height: Short enough to not be acceptable for pro sports.
Weight: Light enough to be considered healthy, but heavy enough to technically be overweight.
Looks: Characterized by many as having a distinct nose and always rocking a respectable beard (bushier during winter months and NHL playoffs). A fan of hoodies and hockey-related shirts.

Background: Always into experiencing and creating compelling stories, I’ve been an RPG and movie fan for most of my life. Having had a strong stint with Magic: The Gathering and attending horror conventions only steeps me further in my nerdiness, where I’m most happy. I work a regular job, but spend time writing movie and TV pilot scripts and participating in and creating podcast shows.

Interests: Movies, RPG video games, writing, podcasting, listening to podcasts, great conversation, hockey, well-written TV shows, enjoying craft beers, spending quiet time at mi casa.

A quote: “Time to get nerdy!”




  • Games Top 5
    • Mass Effect (entire series)
    • Magic: The Gathering
    • Axis & Allies
    • Descent
    • Rifts
  • Movies Top 5
    • Oldboy
    • Fight Club
    • I Heart Huckabees
    • Last Life In The Universe
    • The Crow
  • Books Top 5
    • A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin
    • Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
    • Sphere by Michael Crichton
    • Ghost Wars by Steve Coll
    • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
  • Comics Top 5
    • The Crow
    • The Amory Wars
    • Spawn
    • The Maxx
    • The Walking Dead
  • TV Top 5
    • X-Files
    • Rome
    • Carnivale
    • Game of Thrones
    • Entourage


  • “Induce Laughter” – Able to interject comedic statements into an array of gaming situations.
  • “Epic Succeed/Fail” – The ability to epically succeed or fail in any crucial situation and never land in the middle.
  • “Against the Grain” – Forging new paths without the approval of others. Shaking things up and pissing NPCs off.
  • The Long Haul” – In control of the uncanny ability to watch slow-moving foreign films, listen to long podcasts and partake in marathon sessions of video and board games.


  • Smart phone
  • Books on CD
  • Hockey merch
  • Rue Morgue magazine
  • Conversation pieces

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