From the Desk of Orion James

Posted: February 20, 2014 by jddennis in About the World

Today we’ve got a treat. Here’s a letter that Orion has been writing to his younger sister, Andi. It gives a lot of great insight into his character and his family. Hope you enjoy!

Hey there Dandy Andi,

I just had to throw that out there, because I guess the next time you hear from me, I’ll be addressing you as Lieutenant James. I’ve got some rare free time after finishing up my mission reports, so I thought I’d send you a quick note. If remember the Academy schedule correctly, you should be getting this right before you and the rest of the graduating class start the Rogue Trials. I’m sure the other cadets are walking on eggshells around you lately. If anyone comes to you and suggests that you opt out, don’t let it get to you, keep your composure, and show them how we James’ handle the pressure. But I know deep down the gravity of the situation is weighing on you. I know it is for me. Just don’t let mom talk you out of it. You were born for this. I’ve always said you were the best of us, and I sincerely mean it. Mom is going to be extra emotional about this considering the toughest leg of the trials is at the one-year mark, and near the Phoenix Station on top of that. Do me a favor, and convince your navigator to do a quick sensor sweep of that area. He is out there, Andi; and he will be found.


Anyway, since this is the last time that I can disclose some things to you as family and not as a junior officer, here’s a big bit of news. My biggest apprehension about this mission has now become reality. But as I see it, my only option is to use it to help me out of the pit that I was dropped into. She is alive, Andi; and it’s taking every ounce of control I’ve got; more than it took to keep from getting kicked out of the Academy after your encounter with Marcus. Luckily, you handled it by kicking him “where the sun don’t shine” (and never will again), before I got there, so I didn’t have to end him… slowly. You know I’ve always had your back, and still will once you get your commission. Anyway, like I was saying, it’s taking everything I’ve got to keep her alive, and she sure isn’t making it any easier. But she could be my ticket to redemption, at least as far as the military is concerned. And who knows, maybe the truth about Phoenix will finally come to light and things will start to smooth out with mom. Put in a word for me, if she’ll here it.

Best of luck on the trials. I know you’ll kill it. Just don’t break my records too badly.



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