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BTT 40: Leadership!

Posted: January 31, 2014 by jddennis in Podcast
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The battle of Xibalba continues. Dran distinguishes himself in battle. Bees die, and Edrick finds himself hanging out with the jaguars. Meanwhile, Jordan’s bee jokes fall short. Despite that, this episode features a lot of levity. Hope you enjoy this!



In this week’s episode, Dran is freed and the battle for Miranda against the bees begins.


BTT 38: I am Now… Treeish…

Posted: January 17, 2014 by jddennis in Podcast
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Well, folks, it’s time to find out what’s been happening since Dran’s been confined to quarters. There are weapons being upgraded… by science. There are missing grenades. And how will Willis handle his new authority? Find out this week!

BTT Inspectres: The Complete Game

Posted: January 12, 2014 by jddennis in Special Episodes

Well, that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed all eight episodes of our Inspectres game. It was a lot of fun to record, and a lot of fun to listen to. As a group, we want to thank Mike Carkhuff for pulling a chair up to the table and delivering such a fun character in “Gramps.” He’s a great guy, and we’re looking forward to try out GrimWorld once he lets us get our grubby hands on it. (more…)

BTT One-Shot: Inspectres Episode 08

Posted: January 10, 2014 by jddennis in Podcast


And here it is! The finale of the Inspectres game is now here. We hope you enjoyed this oneshot, and enjoy  this episode where things continue to… unravel.



The penultimate episode of the Inspectres mini-series is here. We’ve got a ton of cool stuff this episode. Villains monologuing, body-switch hijinks, knock-offs of J-horror, past-life regressions…. See? Something for everyone! But to hear it all in just 25 minutes, you’ll need to tune in to episode 7!


Well, this went well.

Remember the comic book that set fire to the SEATAC airport? Remember where that came from? Well, find out what happens when the group only has one vehicle to flee in… the Canterbury Airport Van. And guess where it takes them? You got it in one guess! Find out what happens when they get a room and the proverbial fan meets the proverbial manure…