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Episode 01: Antiviral

Posted: October 31, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast

A new podcast has joined the Nerd Circle Podcast Productions banner! We thought we’d let you know.

Episode 01: Antiviral.

via Episode 01: Antiviral.


BTT 30: There Ain’t No Party Like a True Hive Party

Posted: October 25, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast


Thanks very much for listening to our thirtieth episode! This episode, Miranda chases Wendy into the forest, to disastrous results. Dran follows and tries to save both of them. Edrick Farthings works on developing a weapon that can be used effectively against the True Hive. Willis is learning the secrets of the canopy. Orion James has an enlightening conversation with Burned Tail about the protocols of the Sky people.

BTT 29: Cast Commentary Session 6

Posted: October 18, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast


Thanks for listening to this very raucous commentary episode, Jeff laments that his assimilation into the the tree. The group discusses the most recent developments. They remember the passing of our favorite NPC, Michael Orbital.

Jordan discusses how he developed the Canopy and the Clan of the Nine Claws. Jeremy mentions how he likes how Jeff’s character had been assimilated. They discuss Burned Tail as a character. Stephanie mentions she likes that character a lot. Jeremy discusses how much he enjoyed sharing jabs back and forth with Aurora. Jordan discusses how he felt like a spectator for the game until he took up playing some specific NPCs.

Jeff shares what he thought about Wendy’s suicide attempt. Stephanie talks about how she wouldn’t let Miranda allow Wendy to kill herself. There was confusion about the size of the oxygen tanks Wendy had been using. Johnny brings up the idea that Wendy and Miranda could be mutated.

Jeremy states that he’s amazed about how awesome the game is going in different ways. Carlin replies that he believes that the gaming group is very collaborative, and that’s one of its greatest strengths. Stephanie says we have a great advantage in that the characters are really well-designed. Carlin was amazed how fluidly we jump from playing the main characters to the NPCs.

Jeremy liked the jaguar people being victims willing to form an alliance with the members of landing team beta. Jordan talks about how a binary “us versus them” paradigm doesn’t interest him from a story perspective. Stephanie liked that the Clan of the Nine Claws are scared of Ah-Muzen-Cab and the rest of the True Hive.

Jeremy wants Orion James to ride up to landing team beta on a pterodactyl with a Nine Claws posse. Hey, it could happen.

Stephanie presents an alternative plan for the lunar alliance’s desire for the specimen. Jeff was glad his character finally found out that he had the French Flu. Jordan was excited that he got people to blow all their hero points.

We discussed character point distribution. Jeremy wins best food with an excellent crescent roll cheesecake. Carlin wins (after much debate) for most character advancement. Jeff wins for best role-play, and Jeremy wins for best NPC role-play. He awards that point to Stephanie.



We return to CPT Orion James and SGT Willis Masters. They manage to free each other from their bonds, and Orion tells Willis about his French Flu. Aurora reveals Landing Team Alpha’s secret mission. The Clan of the Nine Claws asks for Landing Team Beta’s assistance. A new faction reveals itself.

Meanwhile, back in the camp of Landing Team Beta, Wendy tries to stop the spread of the French Flu. She tries to convince Miranda that it’s the only way.


The science team’s weaponry training is interrupted when a beloved NPC is attacked.

Also, Jordan made a “meme photo” from the image that helped inspire some of the most recent villains on the show. Enjoy!

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