BTT 21: A Rude Awakening

Posted: August 23, 2013 by jddennis in Podcast


And here is the return of our standard adventure. When we last left off, Dran had hung up a conference call on the admiral after proposing more… permanent solution to the French Flu Problem. Miranda has finally ended her epic, 30+ hours of non-stop work. Edrick is slaving over a hot bunsen burner, looking for answers. Orion has seen that things are not going according to plan. And Willis has been confined to quarters. Needless to say, it’s been frustrating. But work still needs to be done, plans need to be made, conspirators must be found, and attackers need to be thwarted. Never a dull moment.

As an aside, we were all excited to see each other at the last recording session, particularly because we had several birthdays to celebrate. So, of course, ice cream cake was in order! What’s surprising is how much of the PCs came out in their respective players’ reaction. Uncanny, isn’t it??

Birthday cake!

Happy birthday, guys!


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