A Brief History of the World Part 2

Posted: February 27, 2013 by jddennis in About the World
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The second  post, detailing a bit more about the world’s history. View Part 1 here.

As the Flu began jumping from person to person, pandemonium broke out. At first the World Health Organization tried to keep it contained through quarantine, but civil unrest caused that to fail. As rioting and violence became more common, multiple nations close their borders, instituting martial law. As the militaries attacked rioters, untold numbers were slaughtered in an attempt to keep the peace. Bodies were left to rot in the streets, spreading the virus to plants that began decomposing the bodies and to feral animals that ate the flesh of the dead.

Seeing no way to halt the French flu, the governments of the world decide to abandon Earth. Each company gathers a core contingency of academics, politicians, and military personnel to live aboard the space stations. Those nations with nuclear weaponry took their payloads into space.  New station development was planned to alleviate cramped conditions.

The remaining population of the earth began to experience bizarre mutations. The French Flu, hopping from humans to animals and plants and then back, began recombining human DNA. New unexplainable abilities, such as telekinesis, ESP, and other psionic abilities developed. The concept of humanity became much more flexible as new permutations and species developed.

Now space bound, the nations of the world attempted to study the French Flu in isolation. The virus’s wild mutations made a cure impossible. After much deliberation, it was decided to unleash nuclear winter upon the world, in the hopes that the remaining plague would be sterilized.

The nuclear barrage had disastrous consequences. Several large warhead clusters failed to explode when they hit the Pacific Ocean. Nuclear material began leaking into the ocean, poisoning much of Asia and Australia. Other bombs targeted at major fault lines were successful. The resulting tectonic motion created a new, volcano-riddled continent in the Pacific. The resulting nuclear winter caused a massive migration of earth’s population towards the equatorial and tropical regions.

In space, those considering themselves true humanity had to adapt to this new environment. It became obvious that the national breakdowns aboard the space stations would no longer be sufficient. Various factions arise, creating new alliances and nations. Notable space-nations included The Lunar Alliance and the United Space Consortium. Various mining colonies sprung up in the asteroid belts and the dark side of the moon.

Now, several hundred years have passed since the Great Nuclear Winter began. Scientists have made great strides with medical technology and cybernetics. It is time to retake earth. One mission of mostly soldiers was sent in secret with poor results. A new mission has been commissioned, this time including academic civilians as well as military personnel.

Can humanity reclaim earth, or is it a lost cause? Only time will tell.


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