A brief History of the World, Part 1

Posted: February 26, 2013 by jddennis in About the World
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The world that the group will be exploring is pretty scary. Here’s a first look…

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the world was relatively stable. There was minor terrorist activity, as well several regional wars, but another world war had been avoided. The threat of the Soviet Union had ended. Quality of life was improving, a Capitalist Space Race had seeded new, habitable spaces stations orbiting the planet, and other technological advances promised to bring about a new global golden age.

One example of this was Transient Electronics, small machines developed by DARPA that could be used within the human body, including medication delivery and the monitoring of patients’ recovery. After their life span was over, the transient electronics would dissolve. They could also be used in a multitude of additional applications, such as cleaning up oil spills or promoting growth within crops.

This golden age disintegrated on April 15, 2035. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) was in the process of adding an eighth experiment to the Hadron Collider’s schedule. This experiment, called MURE (Micro Universe Realization and Extrapolation) was slated to begin later that year. This new experiment attracted the attention of a cult with terrorist tendencies, known as the Second Death.

Believing MURE would find a “God Particle” and bring about the Second Coming of Christ, the Second Death stormed the Hadron Collider and forced the researchers to begin MURE without proper preparation. The results were disastrous. The experiment, performed without proper precautions, began re-writing the technology within the Collider. When Christ did not return, the Second Death began killing employees and scientists. However, one janitor, Jacques LaBeaux, was able to escape.

Jacques LaBeaux did not know he was carrying the beginnings of an apocalyptic cataclysm. He had been inoculated with transient electronics specifically tailored to fight a cold he had been experiencing. The re-coded transient electronics began producing a virus that caused extreme mutation and began jumping from person to person. LaBeaux became Patient Zero for what the media called the French Flu.

To be Continued… Part 2


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